31 Neem Benefits and Uses for Skin & Health

31 Neem Benefits and Uses for Skin & Health


  • Neem cleansers make Skin Glowing
  • Neem Benefits to Clean Teeth
  • Neem Fights Pimple & Acne
  • Neem Improves Digestion
  • Neem Fight Fungal Infections
  • Neem Capsule Improves Immunity

Ayurveda and its natural ways of healing have been an accepted way of treating illnesses since the past many years. Praised by ancient ayurveda sages like Charak and Shushruta, Neem has wonderful, near magical properties. Numerous varieties of ailments were rooted out totally by administering the Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic doctors used different natural means to offer relief to their patients and among them; one prominent element used was neem. The Neem tree is an evergreen tree and found all across India. Growing abundantly across South East Asia, the Neem tree, belonging to the Azadirachta Indica family, is a boon to mankind, a giver of good health. Different names of neem as Azad-darakhul-hind, Nim, Baypay, dawoon-nambu, Intaran, Nim, Neemgachh, Neem, Neem, Indian Lilac, Margosa tree, nim, crackjack, paradise tree, white cedar, chinaberry, Nimb, Bal-nimb, neem, nind, Bevinamara, bevu, hebbevu, kiri-bevu, kai-bevu, kadbevina-mara, nimb, olle, val-venu, venu, vevu kol Nim, Kadukhajur, limba, limb, nimbay, Bakayan, Balanti-limb, bal-nimb, limbacha-jhada, kadu-limba, nimuri, Arishta, nimba, minbaka,Sadao. Even sitting in the shade of a Neem tree in summer confers good health as the air is considered to be purified by the leaves.

Even today, this wonderful tree is duly recognized for all the vital benefits that it offers to fight out different ailments. The Natural, Safe and Effective Remedy. It is a tonic. It cures. It keeps you protected against a number of illnesses and can be your friend for life. Neem can be taken internally in the form of a decoction of leaves and bark or applied topically in the form of paste of leaves or Neem oil obtained from Neem seed kernels. Neem is natural and has no side effects making it safe for use. 

Neem Benefits for Skin – Herbal Remedies

Neem provides not just health benefits for you but even umpteen beauty enhancing remedies. There are many neem based home recipes that concern the beauty aspect and can be easily carried out in the privacy of your house. 

Neem Remedy for Achieving Clear Skin

This remedy may seem a tad difficult to follow! Nevertheless this is a safe bet to gain clear and beautiful looking healthy skin. Wash a few neem leaves thoroughly and chew well and swallow them. If doing this may seem impossible due to the bitter taste of fresh neem leaves, add some sugar or jiggery to the neem leaves before you consume them. Neem leaves have a tendency to clean your internal system, eliminate toxins and improve your body metabolism. Your blood is freed from impurities and your constipation problem is put to an end. All this results in endowing you with clear flawless skin.

Neem Remedy for Skin Disorders

Boil some neem leaves in water and use it for your bathing purpose. Doing so periodically will help to get rid of any skin disorder. It even helps to eliminate the bad odor causing bacteria and keeps you fresh and relaxed all day long! 

Neem Remedy for Skin Allergy

Boil some neem leaves in water and allow it to cool. Apply the water on your allergy prone or irritated skin. Doing so will soothe your skin and also bring you relief from the allergy. 

Neem Remedy for Pimple Prone Skin

Make neem water in the same way as stated previously.  Use the neem water for preparing a suitable face pack. You get remedy from your pimple and acne woes. 

Neem Remedy to Fight Fungal Infection

Neem in oil form is a sure shot way to get rid of skin bacterial and fungal infection.

Neem Remedy for Clean Teeth

Chewing neem leaves is a sure way to get clean set of teeth.

Neem Remedy for Your Everyday Nicks, Cuts and Bruises

Neem oil or neem paste when applied on a cut or wound helps it to heal fast and bring your relief.

Neem Remedy through a Pot Pourri

Dry neem leaves can be mixed with your ardent essential oil and put in a pouch to be left in cupboard. Doing so helps to keep your wardrobe clean and your clothes free from moth infestation.

Neem for Glowing Skin

Neem has natural moisturizers and cleansers making it an ideal ingredient to beautify your glowing skin. 

  • Neem leaf paste, mixed with yogurt, turmeric powder, aloe vera and rose petal paste is a natural beautifying agent, giving you a clear, glowing complexion. 
  • Add gram flour to Neem leaf paste and you can use it as a natural scrub. 
  • Neem leaf paste with sandalwood powder, rose, turmeric and milk cream works wonders in clearing up darkened skin and making you look fairer with an even complexion. 
  • Neem leaf paste with lemon juice and yogurt is an ideal mix to treat oily skin and remove acne.
  • Neem leaf paste and aloe vera gel work to naturally moisturize your skin, keeping it soft and supple. It also retards the effects of aging. You can add a few drops of Neem oil to enhance the emollient effect. 

These days you can buy a variety of skin care and skin beauty products based on Neem in the form of creams and lotions. However, if Neem is available, use it fresh for maximum benefits at the least cost. Neem oil is available readily and you can dry neem leaves and turn them into power for instant use at any time. 

Neem Health Benefits

Neem Benefits for your Health in Capsule Form

Nowadays, neem leaves are used to manufacture neem capsules that are beneficial to get rid of many health and beauty disturbances. Neem in its capsule form is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to prevent many diseases even before their onset. A lot of research has gone into studying the benefits that neem can provide in its capsule form. Likewise, the neem capsules benefits you to live fuller life by promoting you with proper digestive health, normal liver function, optimum glucose levels and also healthy skin. 

Benefits of Neem Capsule

  • Neem in its capsule form is believed to safeguard your immunity, respiratory functions as well as your digestion. 
  • Another important benefit of neem is that it helps to flush out the disease causing toxins from your body. 
  • Many folks believe that by consuming the neem capsules, they have an improvement in their bowel movement. 
  • Free from sugar, corn, soy, salt, yeast, egg or even artificial dairy, the neem capsules are also devoid of artificial color, preservatives and flavors. All these indicate that the neem capsules are a safe bet and can be used by anyone.
  • Neem capsules are harmless and cause no side effects. However, an individual may consult his/her health care provider before making the neem capsule a part of his/her daily regimen. 

In ayurveda Neem is considered as tonic, healing and rejuvenator. It soothes dry skin as well as gets rid of excess oil from the skin. Neem can heal ailments and work as a beauty aid. The roots, bark, leaves and seeds contain active ingredients with anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Neem can relieve pain and reduce swelling. The active ingredients of Neem are: 

  • Numbidol, a pest repellant and anti-tubercular agent
  • Nimbin, anti-pyretic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory in its effect
  • Gedunin, an antifungal, anti-malarial and a vasodilator
  • Azadirachtin, a pest repellant and anti-hormonal
  • Quercetin, an anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Salannin, a pest repellant
  • Sodium Nimbinate, an anti-arthritic, diuretic and spermicidal agent. 
  • Neem is anti-fungal and destroys parasites, ringworm and candida. Gedunin and nimbidol extracts derived from the leaf can be used to treat such infections.
  • Neem oil and Neem leaf paste can be used to treat psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis that usually do not respond to allopathic treatments. 
  • For those suffering from acne, Neem leaf paste is an ideal remedy since it kills bacteria, softens the skin and promotes healing and restoration of tissues. Simply make a paste of Neem leaves, add turmeric powder and apply to your face. Wash off after an hour. 
  • Those with skin conditions can make an infusion of Neem bark and Neem leaves and bathe in the water to promote healing. 
  • Paste of Neem leaves has been shown to be efficacious in treating small pox and chickenpox infections since Neem inhibits viral growth. 
  • Neem is also shown to be beneficial in combating herpes and hepatitis B. 
  • In difficult skin conditions such as eczema, it is better to use Neem oil diluted with mustard or sesame oil and apply it to the affected areas. 
  • In such difficult skin conditions Neem leaf paste, Neem oil, turmeric paste and garlic paste can provide relief. 
  • For those afflicted with psoriasis and eczema, Neem leaf extracts consumed internally also help promote purification and detoxification as also healing. 

For better effect, consume Neem leaves. The simplest way is to mix some of the Neem leaf paste in water, add a little lemon juice and drink it. It is bitter but with practice and knowing its benefits, it should not be too difficult to swallow. Working internally and externally Neem keeps your skin naturally healthy and glowing.

Taken internally, Neem purifies the blood, improves cardiovascular and liver function, is a febrifuge and even helps protect against malaria. It helps heal wounds, detoxifies the system and benefits the respiratory and urinary systems. Externally, Neem delivers immense benefits for hair and skin, acting as a cure and a beautifying agent. You can use Neem and its products to get rid of skin ailments and beautify it.

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