DIY Homemade Aloe Vera Juice & Smoothie

DIY Homemade Aloe Vera Juice & Smoothie

Aloe vera is one of those humble plants that one tends to ignore. However, it is full of polymannans, anthraquinone, C-glycosides, lectins and emodins in addition to minor amounts of protein and vitamins. You can consume it or use aloe vera gel topically for a wide range of conditions. Topical application shows marvelous effects on the skin in cases of acne. Applying it to the hair rids you of dandruff besides giving your hair a soft, bouncy and silky feel. There are claims that consuming aloe vera juice internally helps control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. You can make delightful smoothies, all fruit or vegetable based, adding aloe vera juice to enhance the health-giving properties.

Method of preparing aloe vera juice before you add it to smoothies: 

  • Take fresh, matured leaves and trim off the thorny sides.
  • Peel off the outer green skin leaving only the inner translucent gel to be used. 
  • Wash the inner gel thoroughly because the inner surface of the skin contains anthraquinone and aloin that may cause stomach upset. Only the inner core of the leaf is to be used. 
  • Cut into pieces and run in a blender. This is your basic stock aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice. There are different aloe vera uses in which you can use the stock juice. 
  • Store in a glass jar in your fridge.

Smoothies : Aloevera, honey, lemon, ginger, pineapple smoothie

This mix revitalizes cells, cleans your digestive system and detoxifies your body. 

  • Take 4 to 5 slices of de-skinned pineapple rounds and place in a blender. 
  • Add a tiny piece of ginger or add grated ginger or ginger paste
  • Add water, some crushed ice and give the blender a whiz. 
  • Remove, add two spoons of honey, juice of half a lemon and one spoon of the prepared aloe vera gel or juice. 

Coconut-pineapple-aloe vera smoothie

This is delicious, delightful and enjoyable, loved by children and adults alike. 

  • Take a few pieces of fresh coconut and dice into small pieces.
  • Add a couple of pieces of pineapple.
  • Put in blender, add a little milk and give the blender a buzz until ingredients become a smooth paste. Now add a half litre of chilled milk and give it a good whirl. 
  • Remove, add a spoon or two of aloe vera juice or gel. 
  • Sprinkle a couple of mint leaves on top or garnish with bits of chocolate and ice cream. 

Banana-oranges-strawberry smoothie with aloe vera gel

Who does not love the smooth sweet taste of bananas and the tangy flavor of oranges? Combine these along with colorful strawberry into a delightful smoothie: 

  • One banana, sliced
  • A half orange with segments deseeded and de-skinned
  • 5 to 6 strawberries. 
  • Put all in a blender, add a little chilled water and powdered sugar and blend to smooth paste.
  • Add more water and blend again. Add some aloe vera gel and blend again. 

A pinch of salt and pepper or grated nutmeg enhances flavor of this smoothie that gives you pleasure along with aloe vera juice benefits

Health smoothie

  • Get fresh wheat grass and remove root part. Snip into small pieces. 
  • Put in blender along with 2 spoons of aloe vera gel. 
  • Add a spoonful of lemon juice and a glass of water. 
  • Blend. 
  • Remove, add honey to taste or just salt. Sip in the morning. 
  • Nothing healthier or better to get aloe vera juice benefits and benefits of wheat grass!

Chocolate-coffee smoothie with aloe vera

Chocolate and coffee are a marriage made in heaven, simply irresistible for the taste buds but how do you make it healthy as well? Simply add aloe vera. 

  • Grate a slab of chocolate into a bowl of sweetened chilled milk. 
  • Sprinkle instant coffee according to taste.
  • Add a spoonful of aloe vera juice. 
  • Whisk, top with icecream and enjoy. 

Papaya-aloe-vera-ripe mango-milk scrumptious smoothie

A healthy and tongue tickling smoothy you will love: 

  • Take a slice of ripe papaya and dice into pieces.
  • Dice ripe mango into pieces.
  • 1 spoon aloe vera gel.
  • Chill sweetened milk or just use condensed milk. 
  • Mix all ingredients with some ice cubes. 
  • Run in a  blender into a smooth thick smoothie.
  • Pour into tall glasses, top with a cherry and chopped nuts. 

Let chill in freezer before serving. If you cannot wait, gulp it then and there. 

Veggie smoothie

Fruits are good but how about vegetables for a change? Try this. 

  • One tomato, inner seeds removed and skin removed, if possible. 
  • A few slices of de-skinned cucumber with seeds removed.
  • Avocado slices
  • A few cashew nuts or peanuts
  • Mint for garnish
  • Coriander for garnish
  • 1 spoonful aloe vera juice
  • Honey or sugar to taste

Combine ingredients with cold water and run in a blender, adding water to make up the right consistency. Pour into glasses, garnish with mint and coriander leaves and sip your way to health.  You get omega-3 from avocado, lycopene from tomatoes and the cooling properties of cucumber.

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